Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies that are intended to help people become emotionally, psychologically and mentally well. They are offered in ways that help people to talk, by carefully developing a ‘safe’ relationship. Ingredients like mutual respect and confidentiality form part of an agreed contract. It is accepted that everyone needs to feel listened to and not judged. Any issues raised are not viewed as too small or too big so that whatever a person needs to talk about is considered as important.

Counselling and psychotherapy are available for people who are concerned about how they are feeling. It allows them to talk things through and gain an understanding of their choices in particular situations or circumstances. People are supported and helped to work towards goals which will enable positive outcomes.

Counselling can help if:

  • you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do
  • you have recently been bereaved or experienced a loss of some kind
  • a past event is having a negative impact on you and affecting how you feel
  • you feel stressed or anxious
  • you have a poor self-image, low self-esteem, or lack confidence
  • you want to make significant life changes
  • you have been, or fear that you may become addicted to substances that mask feeling(s)
  • you are feeling low and may have a sense that you have lost control of your life or your direction
  • relationships in your life are difficult, or you’re going through divorce/separation or another important change
  • you simply need a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings and contemplate choices which may lead you to positive change


You can also explore or re-visit repeating patterns, break cycles of behaviour that are no longer helpful to you, and live your life in ways that feel more empowered for you. Using a therapeutic relationship, can help you to unpick difficulties that feel stuck, and free yourself to do something different.

A therapeutic relationship offers opportunities to improve your mood and the way your mind works, by untangling muddles, reducing struggles and by piecing together how you found yourself there. Then, you can understand from a different perspective and create a better understanding of your own unique process and how you can influence it.