The organisation is staffed by a team of 3 part-time staff: a Service Manager and a Clinical Lead, who are mutually accountable to each other and responsible for delivering the organisation’s vision housed in its business plan. They are supported by an Administrator who is accountable to the Service Manager. All counselling is delivered by self-employed, freelance practitioners who join our counsellor bank after meeting strict quality criteria. They work under a contract that specifies the service standards required and are accountable to the Clinical Lead who continuously monitors their work.  These two senior staff each have named trustee who fulfils their supervision functions. To create a triangle of accountability and support these trustees don’t hold the Chair or Treasurer roles.  The senior team and board are also supported by a business plan consultant; a non-line management support person who meets jointly with both managers; an accountant; and a solicitor. All external roles are assigned to ensure that managers have access to professional expertise alongside the board.


Davida Lumsden

Clinical Lead

Davida brings the charity 23 years experience of training and supervising counselling in the statutory and voluntary sectors...

Laura Brown

Laura joined AWC Counselling as its Service Manager in February 2018. She brings substantial experience of mental ill health and management...