Most clients self refer or are referred to AWC Counselling by their GP or another person. The majority of individual clients pay towards the cost of their assessment and counselling. Some people pay the full cost and others pay part of the cost. The actual cost of delivering each session is £50, which is why AWC Counselling welcomes clients contributing as much as is affordable to the counselling. The reduction levels are:

ZERO £50
20% £40
40% £30
50% £25
60% £20
70% £15
80% £10


AWC Counselling is aware that some clients receive very low and unreliable incomes such as means-tested state benefits and zero hours contract work. There is the potential for the cost of counselling to be reduced even further where circumstances require this. This will be discussed in full at the assessment.

When client’s financial circumstances change, for better or worse, AWC Counselling invites clients to discuss this. Simply not attending a counselling session one week because of a lack of funds is not helpful to the client or the counsellor as it wastes a session. AWC Counselling asks clients to be open to discussing money problems with us as part of the relationship. AWC Counselling understands that ability to pay can, for some clients, impact on their sense of self-worth and dignity.