Aire, Wharfe and Craven Counselling is a charity. All profits go directly back into facilitating access to a safe and affordable counselling service. Everyone has a clinical assessment of their therapeutic need to ensure they will benefit from counselling. Sometimes an agency, an employer or the NHS, directly fund the counselling for the client as well as the assessment cost. Most clients, however,  pay for their own assessments.

During the assessment interview, the assessor will discuss counselling fees with the client where applicable. The affordability of the fees for both the assessment and the counselling sessions is fully discussed. The fee, unless paid by someone else, is set at a rate that is affordable for the client and linked to their annual income.

The decision to offer counselling is based on clinical need and not on ability to pay. If a person is not offered counselling, the Clinical Lead will explain why and offer support for them to find an alternative pathway.

After a client has been assessed and allocated by the Clinical Lead, they sign a contract to work directly with the counsellor for 6 weeks and they attend weekly 50-minute sessions that are paid for at each session. There is a cancellation policy in the drop down menu that explains charges for missed appointments. At the sixth weekly session, the counselling is reviewed and the counsellor and client jointly decide whether they will continue working together for a further 6 weeks. The counselling continues until the client has reached their goals.

The cost for an assessment is £25.00

Making a Donation

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Aire, Wharfe & Craven Counselling is a completely independent charity that serves the local communities across 3 districts. We rely on funding grants, contracts and the support and generosity of members of the public. Please see below for ways in which you can support us to deliver affordable counselling services where they are needed most.

Legacies – leaving a gift in your will. Making or changing a will is easy. For further information as your solicitor or legal adviser.

In memory – commemorate a love one and make an immense difference to your local community.

Donations – gifts can be used to benefit a cause that matters to you.

Corporate gifts – for businesses that are keen to demonstrate their social corporate responsibility.

Charitable fundraising – we welcome efforts which both raise awareness of our service and increase funds. Please contact the Service Manager to discuss any event that you wish to undertake in order that it meets with our stringent confidentiality policies.

Thank you for your support.